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Pigeon Racing National Magazine Subscriptions

Don't miss a single issue of the #1 magazine for pigeon racing afficionados! Subscribe today to Racing Pigeon Digest.

The Racing Pigeon Digest is Published twice monthly from November thru April, then monthly from May thru October, in Emigrant, MT.


Subscription rates in US Dollars  
6 month subscription U.S. (9 issues) $25
1 year regular subscription U.S. (18 issues) $44
1st class U.S. $105
Canadian Sub Regular $70
Canadian Sub First Class $110
Mexico $110
Europe Airmail $210
Europe Surface $120
All other areas Airmail $240
All other areas Surface $150

*You cannot subscribe online -- please call or write to us to subscribe.
For Credit Card orders, there is a cc processing fee of $2.00



Back Issues and Reprints

Back issues, if available, are for sale for $10.00 for one and $5 for each additional issue in the same order.

Mail subscription requests to:
Racing Pigeon Digest
PO Box 300
Emigrant, MT 59027

You can also send us a message via E-mail



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